The Climate Trail is LIVE!

“Real Artists Ship” - Steve Jobs

A week ago, we launched the first version of The Climate Trail (link). Since then, after some great suggestions from players, there have been several updates, including the scrolling map.  

There have also been some content changes. Mention of the current situation in the Amazon, as an example. There were also typos to deal with, of course.  

A game is never truly finished, it should improve as players discover flaws, and the ever-worsening climate crises evolve. Then there are the mobile versions to consider.

The real task is merely getting the word out. I am grateful that environmentalists like Bill McKibben founder of, have tweeted about the game:

The work is just begun. I need to continue my advocacy for solutions to the climate crises and use The Climate Trail as a tool to bring awareness and empathy to more people.

Thanks to all who play and share The Climate Trail. The journey continues.

William Volk