Who We Are:

William volk - Design and development

William is a game developer and publisher. He is the Chief Futurist of Forward Reality, a VR publisher.

Volk has worked extensively with Activison, he designed the (M.A.D.E) game engine and is technical producer Return to Zork, The Manhole, Rodney's Funscreen among other adventure games. Volk is credited with creating the concept for iWhack, the first iPhone game released (July 2007). At Activision he was head of the team that produced the first entertainment CD-ROM title, The Manhole [11] (based on the Cyan Hypercard game title). Volk created the game engine behind the Return to Zork as well as much of the user interface design.


george sanger - music

George, also known as "The Fat Man", is an American musician who has composed music for computer and video games, beginning in 1983. Some of his best-known works include The 7th Guest, Wing Commander, Hard Nova, Maniac Mansion (NES version), Loom, Tux Racer, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors.